Our Team

Mark Shtern

Oral Surgeon
Originally from Israel where he attended the City Hospital of Tel Aviv for his studies as an Oral Surgeon.
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Andrea Revilla

Esthetic Specialist
Another star of Doctor Mark Shtern's dream team. Expert in: Complete restorations, Dental aesthetics (smile design), Resin veneers and porcelain veneers, Resins
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Gilberto Gálvez

Root Canal Specialist
Passionate about micro-dentistry and especially about the endodontic-restorative area.
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María Iskorneva

Aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine
Maria Iskorneva is a doctor with a master's degree in aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine.
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Juli Girshberg

Office Manager
Our Office Chief, Sargeant and puppet Master. Always in a good mood and proud new mom.
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Jacqueline Russek

Esthetic Specialist
I perform from a deep cleaning to Implant Rehabilitations and totally edentulous patients. Always with the maximum objective of restoring the patient's function and dental aesthetics.
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Why Choose Dr. Mark

mark shtern

If you are looking for the Best Dentist in Cancun you are in the right place.

Cancun is one of the most beautiful touristic destinations in the world! Just a few flight hours from USA and Canada with the biggest airport in Mexico.

Being a Dentist in Cancun is no easy task, there is a lot of dentist around. No one better than Dr. Mark Shtern and his team.

With comfortable connections you can get the best combination of great vacations and world’s best level dental treatment, for a lower price than you would pay back in home. 

Dr Mark Shtern’s extensive experience, specialized training, and fluency in multiple languages make him a unique and highly sought-after dentist in Cancun. His commitment to exceptional dental care and patient satisfaction, combined with his use of the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry, set him apart from others in the field. Additionally, his friendly and accommodating approach to patient care, along with his focus on creating a relaxing and stress-free environment, make Dr Mark a preferred choice for dental care in Cancun. These qualities and his exceptional skills make Dr Mark a highly recommended option for anyone seeking quality dental care.

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